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Your health plan may use one or more of the following drug lists.

Lowest Net Cost Formulary

Most of our plans use the Lowest Net Cost Formulary. This is a list of prescription drugs that an independent panel of doctors and pharmacists has chosen because they work well to treat certain conditions. The preferred drugs are also cost-effective. Drugs on the Lowest Net Cost Formulary will cost you less out of pocket than those not on the list. You and your doctor, however, have the freedom to choose the medication that works best for you.

Excluded Drug List

This is a list of drugs that are not covered. There may be situations in which you can get an exception. The list includes information on how to request one.

$0 Covered Drug List

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) requires most health plans to cover certain drugs at $0 cost to members. View the ACA $0 Covered Drug List.

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